CBD Oil for Cats: Learn More!

CBD Oil for Cats: Learn More!

People use CBD Oil for their pets to boost their quality of life and relieve ailments. While CBD might not cure these ailments, it will ease their discomforts! Did you know cats can reap the health benefits of CBD? Let’s do a deep dive! 

CBD Wellness Benefits for Cats

Pet CBD's main claim to fame is its ability to decrease inflammation and chronic pain in mammals. CBD oil for cats can be a significant part of your feline’s regular health regimen, and it can be the perfect supplement for helping him get over the hump of an anxiety-producing event or any pain they may be dealing with. Other ways in which CBD can benefit cats is by helping with their:

  • Reduce anxiety and depression by triggering the adenosine. 

  • It treats chronic pain and infection due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. 

  • Aids a healthy, soft, and shiny coat. It may reduce the effects of various skin conditions. 

  • Supports general overall health. Your cat will enjoy a happy and long life in good health. It also reduces the tendency of diseases.

  •  It is an excellent neuroprotector that makes it great at treating neurological disorders like seizures and epilepsy. 

How Much CBD Should I Give? 

Never rush your cat when trying to introduce them to CBD. It's always best to have a gradual introduction. We recommend giving a dose of 2-4 mg of​​​​ Pleasant Pet CBD Oil per 10 pounds for cats to start. 

The more complex the condition, the more CBD you'll need. But start small and go up until your furry feline feels happier and calmer. A little less or even a little more oil won't harm. Dosing can easily remain approximate until you find what works best for your cat.

Whether you're just starting with using The Pleasant Pet CBD or updating your pet's daily amount to provide more wellness support, you need to keep the daily amount the same for 30 days. This is the amount of time necessary for your pet's body to adjust to the CBD. Within 30 days, you can feel confident that the CBD has built up to an appropriate level in your pet's body. If you aren't seeing any wellness benefits or side effects of CBD, then your pet likely needs a more significant daily amount.

How to Use The Pleasant Pet? 

Most people will drop the oil into their cat's food bowl and mix it with a little bit of their food. Though it may be easy, we don't necessarily recommend giving your cat the oil sublingually - they're not too fond of having their mouths messed with and may have adverse effects. 

Every cat is different, so play around with how you give the oil to your furry friend. As long as the oil is working to help them be more comfortable and happy, that's all that matters. Even if your cat is on medication, you can use The Pleasant Pet to improve the condition and boost its overall health. Take advantage of this magic elixir today – your happy feline will thank you.

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